Strange World is a gripping RTS survival game that takes you on a journey through a mysterious and dangerous world. As a survivor, you must gather resources, build a base, and defend yourself against hostile creatures and other players. Explore the strange and unpredictable landscapes, uncover hidden treasures, and unravel the secrets of this strange world. With stunning graphics, challenging gameplay, and an immersive storyline, Strange World will keep you hooked for hours as you try to survive in this treacherous environment. Are you ready to embark on this thrilling adventure?

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- 1000 wood, 500 iron ore, 200 gold ingots, 50 mana crystals, 10 diamonds, 5 rubies, 3 legendary swords, and 1 epic armor set.

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- 10 gold, 50 gems, $1000, 5 diamonds, 200 resources, enchanted sword, healing potion, magical amulet, rare armor.

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Kd8goXBA616November 19, 2023
d6CDhRwZjT992September 30, 2023
CvxVYUpwd405October 6, 2023
gMtX1RD70xU945November 18, 2023
omRCuL23hf602November 7, 2023

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Strange World – RTS Survival Tier List

The game is very interesting, many mini games options. Its just not very friendly for beginner. There is no ammo, only durability. And durability is a joke. They will disappear only in a couple of minutes battle so you have to keep making them/weapon. Healing tower is useless and there is no upgrade for it. Also there is no repair function so tower guard are easily destroy, sometimes enemy range attack further than the tower. Another is there should be auto toggle for skill.

Within 10 minutes of playing the game and ad popped up. while the ad was playing I actually received a push notification from the game itself telling me to come back and play the game. I've never received a push notification while watching an ad while playing a video game. Game itself tutorials are little wonky they don't explain everything that you have to boo like special attacks are never actually included in the tutorial. Graphics are hit-and-miss.

This game is actually pretty decent. The controls are alright, love that we can control every character individually and together, however we want. A first person mode wouldn't be too bad if you can add it. I love the survival aspect of this game, the durability of weapons could be tougher, they're a little too weak IMO. So far I'm enjoying the game, I love the mobile base thing you got going on, great job developing this game.

The Game has a Visual Bug in the very first tutorial level, I can't see anything but a grey screen with game icons and the setting button. When i press the settings in the background i can see the game properly but when i exit the settings menu it just goes back to the grey screen. Please fix this issue or any ideas of why its happening? This is my first time playing because it got my interest, a bad first impression though. Would change my review if it's fixed, thank you.

Unplayable. Packs don't explain where to use them nor if they are temp or even if they are one map only. Premium character pods have a chance of giving 1 1* shard. From the upgrade list they expect you to play this at least 3 years. It's a very slow upgrade system. But you can buy speed packs. Maps are brutal. One of the dailies starts you off with no resources and puts a 3* monster right in front of you. Some maps gate you with forced characters you didn't level up.

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Explore of what remains in this strange post-apocalyptic world.

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