Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash is an action-packed game that brings Stickman characters to life. Get ready to simulate intense battles and defeat your opponents with epic moves. Choose from a variety of Stickman fighters, each with unique abilities and fighting styles. Strategize your attacks, use special power-ups, and unleash your inner warrior. With realistic physics and dynamic ragdoll effects, Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash offers a wild and addictive gaming experience. So, gear up, step into the arena, and show your enemies who’s the ultimate Stickman champion!

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This is a really fun game, and I think that it should deserve 5 stars, but I'm not because there is a game breaking bug after you purchase every item. The bug plays the ko and victory animation at the same time when you defeat your enemy. It also plays the animation and gives you coins when ever you try to enter the customizer for the second time. It also makes it so you can't progress through the worlds. Apart from that, it is a 5 star game.

This review isn't really about the game, but of how the creators of this "game" hilariously attempted of click baiting us. So the ad is just showing off a better animation than the entire game, and every swing changes the map and character, and there's music. So at the end of the ad, it tells you to swing your sword, and when you tap, you find out it's their own ad, there's a split second of music, the map and character change, and me questioning my life. Pretty lazy if ya ask me.

You literally just hold a joystick to the right and hope you win. You have 0 control over your character other than waddling around and trying to maybe dodge an opponents attack, but other than that it's just hoping and watching the fighters flail at each other. I'm all for simplicity, but at this point this isn't even a game as much as it is a slightly interactive video.

It's fun and the moves are sick and I played this when I was younger brings back alot of memories.

It is very fun but adds but just turn off wifi so that's fine the only thing bad is the bugs and glitch

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Beat & bash all fighters! Punch & kick 'em all in stickman fighting games! NEW UPDATE!
- Legendary skins!
- New maps!
- Bug fixes.

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