Stick Wars 2 is an entertaining and fun strategy game with funny stickman characters. Gather your own army and take part in epic confrontations with opponents. Merge warriors and get higher level fighters. More than 20 types of units with special combat skills and weapons are available to you. Choose the best battle strategy and arrange your troops correctly. Ruthlessly crush enemy troops and get rewards for your victories. Stick Wars 2 has got nice graphics, simple controls, exciting battles, a large selection of units and addictive gameplay.

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Codes Expiration Date Total
XvgBaoZ801q January 4, 2023 175
MtZCIz14ubxh January 6, 2023 174
BO6L8wXe0r January 2, 2023 597
JEALq45y7Rm January 1, 2023 920
hWRgwO2oAFT December 15, 2022 348

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This game is really fun it's just there's a few problems with the ads and bugs. Every single time I watch your ad to get something and I go to click the x it brings me to the homepage of my phone or it will bring me to the app store and it will reload my game and I won't get my reward And I was on level 95 and I used the bomb and at the last second before my last troop died I used the bomb and it killed everything and it still said I lost. I would like something in return because of bugs. Please

This game is pretty decent so far. Pretty easy, not very many ads at all, after EVERY level it gives you the option to multiply your coins earned (for that level) by 4 with one ad. Also, the ads aren't stupid, trying to get you to click the screen and take you to the app store ads, and you can even skip most of them and you still get the reward. Again, not very many ads at all. The game isn't astonishing but it's a nice time killer, and it's made well. I like it.

The game is enjoyable and pretty fun. It is derivative but what game isn't. It has its own charm. Problem is at level 85 the game thoroughly breaks down. You start the board, soldiers fight, my team continues to fight until every enemy is defeated and then they continue to fight, they keep fighting until you have to quit the level. I tried five different times, the same thing happens every time. It is very disappointing and frustrating. It would be really great if the developer fixed this. Soon

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- Fix bugs

Name Stick Battle: War of Legions
Version 2.5.5
Price FREE
Rating 4.3 (14967 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 2, 2022
Get it on Google Play
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