Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is a dynamic multiplayer action game in which stickmen fight each other in numerous arenas.

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The problems are that, 1: sometimes it says “Disconnecting from server” then it continues the game as if nothing happened, it’s basically like when you lag in a game and you can’t move. But the game doesn’t lag. And on the 9th map (the laser one) after someone wins, it doesn’t end the round. But other than those two problems, I’m rating the game 5 stars.

The game is good, dont get me wrong, but its definitely got its issues. The game just isnt well optimized for the devices it gives itself to. I have constant lag spikes in the middle of matches, and my phone turns into a deep fryer. Without graphics settings, the game feels more like a mannequin challenge than a fast paced fighting game as it is on PC. I think the bigger problem, however, is how you guys changed it. The game doesnt really need a currency, its supposed to be casual. 6/10

It's a REALLY awesome game! The only reason I chose 4 stars as my rating is because I've been experiencing issues with launching the game. It freezes on the loading screen 100% of the time. I've tried multiple things to try and fix it, but with no luck. Once this bug/glitch is fixed, it will be worthy of 5 stars.

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Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is an official stick-fighting game on mobile New Update:
1. Added customization options to the map editor to freely adjust object size and angle.
2. Added conveyor belt, ice platform, and other new items to the map editor.
3. Added 12 new skills; improved skill effects.
4. Improved Genetic Modification gameplay.
5. More bug fixes and additional improvements.

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