In Stick Combat: Battle Simulator, players can unlock various benefits and rewards by using codes. These codes can give players access to exclusive weapons, upgrades, and special abilities that can give them an edge in battle. By inputting the right code, players can enhance their combat skills and increase their chances of winning intense stick figure battles. Staying updated on the latest codes can help players stay ahead of their opponents and dominate in the virtual battlefield. Keep an eye out for new codes to maximize your success in Stick Combat: Battle Simulator!

New valid Stick Combat: Battle Simulator Code

Code is hidden Get

- Win 10 coins, a sharp sword, and 5 health potions!

Code is hidden Get

- Earn 100 stick figures, 50 swords, 30 shields, 20 gems.

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Stick Combat: Battle Simulator

List of Stick Combat: Battle Simulator Codes

6T2EQOAFKL5Z Rubies x573, Resources x61834, Energy x41327, Gold x296 (Expires on May 30, 2024)
KQ9VTUL1 Summon Scrolls x4631, Free Boosts x95 (Expires on July 13, 2024)
I4REJO8M2KL Diamonds x26874, Money x459, Gems x81 (Expires on May 25, 2024)
L6JUPSTK0E Items x567, Diamonds x5341, Stone x96, EXP x28 (Expires on June 19, 2024)
Q71M8AXUL6Z Free Boosts x142, Diamonds x132, Energy x75 (Expires on May 30, 2024)
2ACV9MHYNSI Energy x6718, Food x3458, Items x9386 (Expires on June 7, 2024)
3WIDFUR4 EXP x38974, Summon Scrolls x63, VIP Points x387 (Expires on May 19, 2024)
G8AEIFCMUB Timber x973, VIP Points x28159, Items x16, Resources x37 (Expires on July 8, 2024)
T62GEFRCHD7 Diamonds x14265, Food x1248, Stone x21834 (Expires on May 30, 2024)
R401IKNB Gems x56897, Gold x82, Hero EXP x3196 (Expires on May 24, 2024)
C8KBYU6WH1M Hero EXP x7283, EXP x2137 (Expires on July 3, 2024)
03ICMJFD Speed Up x59, Coins x1854, Gold x2794, Rubies x7819 (Expires on July 4, 2024)
POS4YTVEN3U6 Wood x51639, Timber x54 (Expires on June 25, 2024)
WPM8YG6O5J4 Chest x68453, Diamonds x754, Gems x45173 (Expires on June 23, 2024)
OQZG870UR6 Wood x65124, Hero EXP x51287 (Expires on May 25, 2024)
GXTV8JH9BUZK Resources x64381, Cash x537, Iron x76854 (Expires on May 23, 2024)
J7RS2PV1K3B Rubies x495, Iron x928, Chest x83169, Resources x5342 (Expires on June 21, 2024)

How to redeem Stick Combat: Battle Simulator codes?

To redeem code in Stick Combat: Battle Simulator, open the game, navigate to settings, select the redeem code option, enter the code, and claim rewards.

Stick Combat: Battle Simulator Codes review

Nicely done, very nice. Although it is annoying that ads pop up every few seconds, they sometimes help with things like spinning again, resetting the bossfight cooldown, refreshing the shop and getting coins and gems. Would rate 4 stars but because of the new troops, I'm rating 5.

It was fun while I was playing, but then the game starting freezing every single time I tapped on a menu and the x out button did not work, so I reinstalled the game and lossed all my progress.

Got the newbie pack for a dollar to skip ads, but It says I didn't buy it, checked my bank account and they took the money for it and there's no options to restore purchases.

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