Staff! – Job Game – an entertaining simulator in which you can build your life the way you have long dreamed of. Find a job you love that brings joy and good money, buy your own house and get a pet. Do not forget that in the simulator everything is no different from real life. You will have to do household chores and keep the house in perfect condition. Owning your own home is expensive, which means you have to work hard to live comfortably. You can always start life from scratch and make it even better! Staff game! — Job Game for Android received high-quality visual design, unique game mechanics and funny characters.

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rKJFlgCeMny November 14, 2022 696
E01WxBnNvyYZ November 28, 2022 490
fzMoAukIwt November 2, 2022 475
0PnuGlMB2Jh November 5, 2022 226
QsFNdfPrCKj October 24, 2022 735

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For the developers, it's a great game, great idea great controls and really fun. The only thing I have is that I started playing before the big update that gave access to upstairs, so my house had many items already. I am now stuck at a point that I cant progress. Maybe if you could modify the level system just a little that would be great.

The game is actually really well made and cute. My problem is paying for ads to be removed didn't work for me and that seriously frustrates me. If I pay for something to happen, I expect it to happen. Other than that, the sensitivity should be turned down for movements or a setting changer be made because the speed of the movements makes it hard to play in some levels.

It would be really fun, except for the fact that there's a lot of glitches and bugs. It doesn't forcibly make you watch ads, but when you try to play, some items fall through the ground and you can't reach them. It makes it impossible to do the job. You'll have to watch ads to skip the level. It does that every other level or so. Otherwise it's really fun. Its also kind of hard to manuveur, since you have to hold and drag. The graphics are nice though. EDIT: It DOES make you watch ads forcibly

The game is soo fun and addictive!! You can upgrade your home and do jobs that are really fun! You can cook, clean, take out trash and more! My favorite job is cleaning the floor where you get that huge machine and lose control of it 🤣! The only flaws are that it drains battery fast and the items are overpriced. For example in the game it costs more for a fridge than a car 🤷? Anyways I recommend, it's a really fun game for when you have time to spare.

Before we get started, I love this game. It's kind of quirky and fun, though I'm encountering a problem. I attempted to install it on another one of my devices and in the tutorial level, the green box repeatedly falls through the floor and I'm unable to proceed due to it being out of bounds. I restarted the game several times, even reinstalled it and got similar results. Unsure what to do.

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Improvements and bugfixes!

Name Staff! – Job Game | Simulator
Version 1.2.8
Price FREE
Rating 4.4 (128869 ratings)
Category Codes
Update October 20, 2022
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