Introducing Stack Team App, the ultimate solution for seamless team collaboration. Whether you’re working on a project, planning an event, or simply coordinating with your team, Stack Team App has you covered. With features like real-time messaging, task management, file sharing, and customizable workflows, you can streamline your team’s communication and productivity. Say goodbye to endless email threads and missed deadlines, and hello to a more efficient and organized workflow. Join the thousands of teams who have already revolutionized their collaboration with Stack Team App. Try it today and experience the difference for yourself!

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Stack Team App Reviews

Adding items to the schedule is SO ANNOYING and inconvenient. Here's an idea, allow changes to all teams be done by checking "all times" or "all time slots," in addition to being able to uncheck some time slots if they don't need to be removed. Sometimes we have to add an event to a certain day and remove the original time but omg the amount of time it takes to remove each slot is excruciating!

It just keeps getting worse. Now, I can't even get the damn thing to open. Uninstall, reinstall, clear cache, clear storage, force stop, uninstall, reinstall. This is bloody well ridiculous. If you're doing maintenance or something, couldn't you put up a damn message saying the app is down. If that's not what's happening, could you maybe just get it together so the app is accessible? I mean seriously, I still wish our team would have picked literally anything else for communication.

Meh. This app is the worst of all the team apps I've used. The ads are overwhelming! Everytime I want to check the calendar for game time, it takes and extra 1-2 minutes to wait for the page to load all the static ads, then wait for the ad that plays, to exit it out, to see game time. And it really sucks because we have two games on 1 day, so repeat to check the other game location. Click to remove ads: no price listed. What?!?! I repeat: THERE IS NO PRICE LISTED FOR REMOVE ADS. Just buy button

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