Splitwise is a popular expense tracking application that helps users manage shared expenses with roommates, friends, or family members. With a Splitwise coupon, users can enjoy discounts on their premium subscription or unlocked features within the app. The app allows users to split bills, track balances, and settle debts in a convenient and organized manner. By using a Splitwise coupon code, users can take advantage of savings while simplifying the process of managing shared expenses. Stay on top of your finances and save money with a Splitwise coupon today!

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How to redeem Splitwise codes?

To redeem a coupon on Splitwise, go to Account Settings, select Redeem Coupon, enter the code, and follow the prompts to apply it to your account balance.

Splitwise Coupon reviews

Splitwise was an excellent app for splitting costs between parties. I logged in today to find it's that's trying to figure out how to monetize itself. Splitwise is hiding functionality behind a paywall, timers and artificial time limits that didn't exist a year ago. I hope the devs reconsider and put it a $5 premium option or go for something more reasonable. I'm switching to excel spreadsheets, this is not worth the self inflicted inconveniences the devs have added.

Loved splitwise so much, been using it for years. But the recent updates to limit the number of purchases you can enter is infuriating. It makes it essentially useless on trips where there are a lot of expenses per day. I will be looking into just using a Google spreadsheet for tracking going forward

Used to be great, but now they're making it impossible to use on the free tier. First they started making us waiting ten seconds between entries. Now I'm being told I have to wait a full day before I can finish entering my expenses. Absolutely ridiculous. I have no problem with the app being supported by ads, and I have no problem with them adding additional paid tiers with extra features. But to take the most basic, essential functionality away from the free tier is inexcusable greed.

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