Space Justice: Galaxy Wars is an exhilarating mobile game that takes players on an intergalactic adventure. In the game, players join an elite space force and embark on thrilling missions to protect the galaxy from alien invasions. With stunning graphics and intense gameplay, Space Justice offers a visually stunning experience. Equip your spaceship with powerful weapons and upgrade your skills to defeat enemies and conquer the galaxy. Engage in epic space battles, explore different planets, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Space Justice: Galaxy Wars.

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- 10,000 credits, Plasma Cannon, 3,000 gold, Energy Core, 500 gems, Gravity Boots, 2,000 money, Laser Sword, 10 diamonds, Ion Shield

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- Gold: 500, Gems: 200, Money: 100, Diamonds: 50, Resources: 1000, Equipment: 5, Items: 10.

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QeIw7dhj248October 13, 2023
3MKYhCWLSE712November 10, 2023
lGbN3DFOV893November 9, 2023
vrZlD8KML9T330October 21, 2023
2aMAd59jvC127November 5, 2023

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I like the idea of getting a reward for watching ads if I want to but every time I watch an add the screen turns black or the game just entirely stops. plenty of memory on my phone as this was the only game I had. now I'll have none, not worth playing when you get kicked out of a battle in the middle of a tournament and lose because of it.

A great shoot-em-up with a lot of worthwhile upgrades and a fairly balanced progression. One issue however; besides for the cryptocurrency money-grab UI ruining my immersion, I seem to also get notifications that someone has pillaged my ship but when I try and exact revenge on them, the option just *isnt* available. It's a real let-down when a game called "Space Justice" doesn't allow you to get justice against the miscreant that attacked you. Besides for the bugs it's a fairly decent game.

Having the event and the game itself refresh at different times of the day is annoying. Ok... you're going to have to allow us to spend gems on deals again. You're high af if you think I'm dropping $25 on a mobile game for a single upgrade. You can get an entire PC game for $25! Just like Hawk. If you like Hawk, you'll like this. Top down shooter with lots of ships, levels, and upgrades to unlock. Bright, crisp graphics. Controls are great, if you can move your finger you can play the game.

This game is pay to win. Its also almosy impossible to advance to the next chapter or levels without paying for something. It's also expensive. Seriously, its ridiculous. Even when trying to level up your ship, its expensive. Real money or not. AVOID THIS GAME. I can't say it enough. Until they lower prices or make it easier to advance, AVOID THIS GAME. Leveling up your ship is expensive. Leveling up anything is expensive. Playing the levels does NOT pay enough to level up your ship.

2 stars. Just because it had or has potential. Graphics are nice. Controls are crisp. Big problem is the constant money grab which takes away all play value for me and others. Even after grinding to collect parts you need for have to spend the premium currency to use said parts to upgrade. Its a terrible waste of time. So you have to be very careful about where you spend your currency. Dont bother with the shop, as everything bought is a gamble with little payout.

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Unite with friends against space enemies and save the galaxy! Improvements and bug fixes.

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