The Soviet Rally, a thrilling motorsport event held in Russia, is a must-watch for adrenaline junkies. Known for its challenging routes and diverse terrain, the rally tests the skills of both drivers and their powerful machines. From navigating treacherous dirt tracks to conquering snow-covered landscapes, competitors face extreme conditions that demand precision and endurance. Spectators gather to witness the intense competition, cheering on their favorite teams as they race to the finish line. The Soviet Rally epitomizes the spirit of adventure and showcases the best of Russian motorsport.

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Soviet Rally is a simple and fun PS1-style throwback that I really like. Simcade-ish physics with a realistic sense of speed. Solid graphics overall. Excellent car models that wouldn't look out of place in Rush Rally 3. Cockpit view is welcomed and done well; my only nitpick being inoperative gauges. Enjoyable stage layouts; though a bit sparse of scenery at times. Note: despite what the listing says there's no ads. It used to be a premium paid game and it's still a premium game; just free now.

This must be quite old. Buttons for steering? I spend most of the time driving on grass, because of the steering arrangement, which has a slight delay, making it VERY hard to steer. Otherwise it's a different and interesting game.

This Game is Hella Fun To Play and Helper me learned the Car Models for my Comic about world war 2, I recommend playing this whilst listening to old radio songs with a classic Static and Jazzy Songs to give a 1950's Vibe!, All things are complete experience and the Models!

The game is good,the only problem is that it doesn't have control options like tilt or steering wheel.can you please add those features in next update.

Great game, just wish they had some sort of criteria for each race - like, what is the time to beat, in order to move on to the next stage?

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