SoulWorker Anime Legends is a colorful exciting fantasy action game with elements of a multiplayer role-playing game in which you will be transported to an amazing post-apocalyptic world of legendary heroes. Many characters are available to you, including iconic warriors with unique skills and special combat skills. You can choose a single player mode with interesting missions or fight other players in real time. SoulWorker Anime Legends has got a great visual design with detailed graphics, an exciting storyline and dynamic gameplay.

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Sz3ZAar1vcJ January 5, 2023 544
JihfadoUbgMV January 28, 2023 764
bV1F2WKrBl December 19, 2022 629
DqFetupUGsL January 18, 2023 601
YGz9WIRKPXd January 4, 2023 220

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The game is really fun. The controls are great, the graphics are phenominal, and the gameplay is really good, but I have a HUGE pet peeve about the game that is keeping me from giving it 5 stars, and that's the fact that the playable character portraits lie to you, and don't let you match them even after buying clothing from the shop, it really REALLY bothers me, and I want to see this changed soon.

It seems like a well designed game with good graphics. I can't get into it though as everytime you are in town the screen turns blurry so you can't see you character when you are changing gear etc. The inky time your character is not blurry is during missions. I can't find a setting that changes this and it makes the game unplayable for me.

I will raise stars once issues are addressed/fixed. If there is a fix in progress then feel free to update me. The shop doesn't seem to work when I buy anything using either Card or Google Points (it keeps auto cancelling/denying it), the Advertisement for free Gems doesn't work, auto reroute seems to be buggy at times and moves you back and forth and then stops. The gameplay is fun and interactive, I enjoy it 🙂 overall fun game with few minor set backs.

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Fixed missing information for passive attribute buffs
French loca/text issues resolved
Various Bug Fixes

Name SoulWorker Anime Legends
Version 1.00.0027
Price FREE
Rating 4.2 (9723 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 6, 2022
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