Sole Retriever is a one-stop destination for sneaker lovers. With a dedicated team scouring the internet for limited-edition releases, you can be sure to find the latest and most coveted kicks on their website. Whether you’re looking for the newest Jordans, Yeezys, or Off-Whites, Sole Retriever has got you covered. Their comprehensive database of releases, resellers, and raffles ensures that you never miss out on a pair of sneakers. Stay one step ahead in the sneaker game with Sole Retriever.

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Decent start up app. The autofill function is so bad It would be better if it wasn't there at all until it's fixed(and the button takes up 25% of the screen). I agree with the below review that external links should open in Chrome, for now. Also, just through a Google search and the apps I already have, I can usually find more raffles than they have listed on the app. Cool idea. Worth a monthly subscription? Not quite. Maybe sometime in the near future if they put some more work into it.

Definitely like the app, and it's helpful especially getting quick important information. My only issue is I remember it having the in-app browser, but I don't seem to have it any longer, and I pay monthly. It shows no updates & that I'm on the most current version??? I like it because instead of relying on one of my Discord servers pinging.. Because I get so many Disc notifications. I need to start adjusting my specific channel notifications again.

Update: Everything has been fixed. I can get rid of the 1 star review. We back on 5!!!! Lets go! LoL 2/24 Nearly 2 months later and they have still done nothing to fix the app. Still keeps crashing to the point, the app is useless. Yet, they keep charging me premium subscription fee. Waste of money and time until issues are fixed. 12/30 App keeps crashing. Cant even use the app. As a paying customer, totally unacceptable

Decided to use the 7 day free trial of the Pro version and the features are incredible. I'm able to tweak my restock and raffle notifications, autocart my shoe size and autofill my payment details. It literally took me 5 seconds to purchase an SB Dunk restock because of this app. If u buy sneakers regularly, this is the cheat code. I will be renewing my membership for the full year 🫡

Non stop notifications at 10 am literally every second. STFUUUU. Not up to date on news goat bf23 has had an open trivia for an hour and still no answer info

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