Snooker Stars is an exciting and immersive 3D online sports game that will transport you to the world of professional snooker. Test your skills against players from around the world in thrilling multiplayer matches. With stunning 3D graphics, realistic physics, and intuitive controls, you’ll feel like a true snooker champion. Customize your cue and table, and unlock new challenges as you rise through the ranks. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, Snooker Stars is the ultimate snooker experience. Download it now and become the next snooker star!

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Snooker Stars – 3D Online Spor Tier List

Great game with a game breaking bug. Regardless of your connection, you are bound to lose games extremely often due to "connection errors". It's annoying to be playing and the game just says you have disconnected and gives you a loss. It happens extremely often and it ia very frustrating to the point that I don't think the game is worth playing anymore unless it gets fixed.

Game play is great, it's really difficult upgrading past a certain point unless you pay with real money!!!! Also there is so much CPU playing it's a shame, and also so many bugs that make you have to close the app mid game or it tells you to wait while it's connecting when the Internet is working perfectly fine, this then causes you to forfeit the game and loose all the coins, I'm sure this is engineered to try and push you to spend actual money

Excellent and addictive game - I've spent far longer than I care to admit playing this! A few bugs that would be very good to fix. First, around 1 break in 20 or so, when playing a thin cut on the pack, there's a glitch where the reds smash open and go everywhere, almost always leaving your opponent with an easy table to clear up. Pretty strange... The other one is very minor - if you're awarded an achievement at the end of a 1-vs-1 game, then the button for a rematch doesn't appear, so you're unable to challenge your opponent to another game. This button *does* appear if you don't get an achievement.. Finally, a few rules that are a little off: (1) As others have said, if you foul when potting a colour when no reds are left on the table, that colour should be respotted. (2) A free ball occurs when you can't see both sides of at least one object ball -- and not only when you're fully snookered. (3) After your opponent fouls, you should have the option to put them back in again where the ball lands (not just to put the balls back). But I'm nit-picking, it's a very good game.

The game is quite good and realistic. But the hackers mode is disturbing alot.. even after i have gone through all the reviews it's the same issue which you are unable to fix it. You may loose your strategy if you don't try to fix it. It's more annoying when we are almost at the win, the server automatically goes to connecting mode and it is been connecting Unless you leave the game. I hope you fix it soon.

Probably the best mobile snooker game I've played. It's far from perfect though. Sometimes when I play an opponent online the game freezes and I have to restart the game to get it to work again and also the graphics shown ("Your turn") stays up on screen and you can't see the table properly. I would also like the option to turn off the dialog. I sometimes get opponents who keep putting things up trying to distract me. Fix these glitches and I'll give it 5 stars.

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