Name Sniper Mission:Shooting Games
Version 1.4.0
Price FREE
Rating 4.2 (11432 ratings)
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Update January 14, 2023
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Sniper Mission: Free FPS Shooting Game is an extraordinary arcade shooter with an exciting gameplay, an interesting storyline, high-quality hand-drawn graphics and unique location design. You will act as a sniper, on the instructions of the government, destroying dangerous criminals, and protecting ordinary citizens and representatives of the law. Complete tasks, the purpose of which is the elimination of these people. You need to act not only quickly, but also discreetly. If you are spotted by the guards, the target will hide in a safe place and the mission will fail. Often the destruction of a criminal must look like an accident. To do this, you will have to use infrastructure facilities.

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
rF3q6bnswWT February 6, 2023 110
OtRcHJxAUzuB February 11, 2023 709
E1P4DatuIv January 23, 2023 948
Gn1YH0c42NP February 10, 2023 177
LnAsJilXx2y February 12, 2023 464

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Fun game, but has that "in the works" feel. Some translations are rough, but understandable. I enjoyed it. Currently has no ending. You finish chapter 9 and it goes to the between chapter cut scene, but the cut scene is just a gray box. The new case file comes up, but is empty. No new missions, no ending. Also, medals store is stale and not refreshing.

It was fun, just your basic tap tap shooter. Repetitive, gets boring fast. There isn't enough to keep me interested, and there isn't enough to make me want to grind thru the levels/unlocks. I might play it some more to see if more activities unlock or something. I'm just not into the 2 min missions "there's the guy, tap, shoot, upgrade, and repeat".

Great game I can't put it down when it comes to sniper games. I'll play it till my battery on my phone dies and recharge and so on over an over again. that's how good it is. The graphics are ok like a cartoon but it don't matter to me the Simplist games are the best. I have played I'd say almost every sniper game made for cell phones and I like this sniper game the best

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Hold your breath and sniper calmly,quietly wait for the arrival of the prey! 1. Fix bugs.

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