Sneak Thief 3D is a fun casual game with simulation and puzzle elements in which you control a thief on the hunt for valuable items. The character’s goal is a huge museum chock-full of various treasures. To get into it, you need to turn off the security system and quietly pass by the CCTV cameras. Having committed the kidnapping, it is also necessary to deftly escape from the scene of the crime. The complexity of the levels will gradually increase and you will have to use all your dexterity, resourcefulness and ability to think outside the box. Upgrade the necessary skills of the hero and make the most daring robberies.

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
owNzM8B2lif March 14, 2023 473
B2dzfoDMEOWi March 23, 2023 331
Ndypne0cSB February 3, 2023 536
d7AXqCv18zB March 22, 2023 916
PM79eRW0J5f February 11, 2023 402

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The ads are definitely not a problem, you can turn off wifi! I can't stop playing this game. 👍

Interesting concept but the ads ruin the experience of the game. I can't even finish all 3 parts of the first heist without ads. After each part you can choose to double your income by watching an ad. If you choose to pass, you'll be plagued with an ad. It's a shame to see interesting games like these be bombarded with ads. This game should be perfectly playable without internet, but we are forced to play with internet so as to be plagued by ads.

1)Gameplay is fun! I like how you can only see in first person. ——————————————————— 2)The graphics are good. Classic 3D cartoon-like style. ——————————————————— 3)Controls are okay. It would make it a bit more interactive if there was an option to stop and look around. But that's just in my opinion.

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Your mission awaits +Bug fixes and improvements to keep you sneaking

Name Sneak Thief 3D
Version 1.3.3
Price FREE
Rating 4.3 (10371 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 28, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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