Snail Bob is back with an exciting adventure in Snail Bob 3! This time, he finds himself transported to Egypt. Join Bob as he navigates through ancient pyramids, treacherous puzzles, and dangerous traps to find his way home. With 25 challenging levels, you’ll need to use logic and strategy to help Bob overcome obstacles and collect hidden stars. Can you guide Snail Bob through this mysterious land and reunite him with his family? Play Snail Bob 3 now and see if you have what it takes!

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I never thought I would complain about this, but the ads don't work. If I want to use an ad to find a difficult star, it says "ads not available". There are 7 or 8 little islands of coins in the game that need an ad and don't work. Other than that, a very fine challenging game with cute little side things like spiders and butterflies to play with. I can't wait for more levels!

I played all 3 games this one is the best, but also preferred the first one because it was part of the process finding a way to turn him around. Nevertheless it's great. Sad part is I will uninstall it. I passed all the levels. Maybe if I run into it later it will have more levels, then I'll reinstall it. Thank you for making this great game.👍👍👍 I read in a bad review that the controls are sensitive, honestly they are not. Easy to move and easy to learn. Probably was their phone.

It's inferior compared to the last one mainly due to level design. SB2 had far more intricate backgrounds as opposed to this game and its blank sky. This one also doesn't bother to write ONE story, which is what SB2 so engaging, along with its enemy variety (which is drastically reduced here too). As for positives, the game does give Bob new shells to jump or shoot, and stars collected now give you coins to spend on cityscapes and outfits.

This is the best game in the series so far (but you don't have to play the previous ones) and super cute! The antics of the ants and spiders (not necessary for the puzzle but making the game's world so much richer) had me in stitches. The new game mechanics are a blast! The difficulty is a bit easier than the ridiculously hard Snail Bob 2, but still more challenging than SB1. The art style has been revamped and looks lighter, but still unique. The ads are not intrusive. An easy 10 out of 5!

Things I stated before: Loved the previous version! It was very creative! The controls in this 3rd one are not as easy to manage in this one. Hard to turn Bob in the opposite direction. Edit: I finished the game and wanted to add I love the spider detail. I love interacting with it, very lovely detail. Also, the map where they hang out and you build their world was a nice addition. I love watching them go, lol! I'd only play the previous version all over again! Still, good job on this one.

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