Slingshot Stunt Biker – crazy and cool bike racing. Pull on a gigantic slingshot and set a powerful impulse, allowing the bike to accelerate to crazy speed. Rush forward, overcoming obstacles and making incredible jumps. Conquer the most difficult tracks and off-road, challenging boredom and gray everyday life. Pump up your skills in driving a motorcycle, successfully complete levels and open access to new, more sophisticated and powerful vehicles. Upgrade motorbikes by buying necessary parts. Become the best conqueror of crazy tracks!

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Codes Expiration Date Total
E3ntgYlKUxC December 13, 2022 468
8VUACzWoypXP December 28, 2022 256
TDLMcgKBXq January 13, 2023 656
YyvjLJ0cw7V January 17, 2023 322
By8Qmgwbk1x January 21, 2023 406

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This is a really good game. The only problem is I know it's designed to use up my data. Then I have to buy more that's no problem at least give me the coins don't change the speed on the coin meter. The least you can do is give me some satisfaction. You could even give me a choice, if I want to watch a 12- second add times two if I want to watch a 30- second add time 6

Waste of time. Do not pay for this app. After so long the game starts cheating to where you don't get all of the coins you earned after each try. Also it causes you to crash going in a straight line and not touching anything to keep you from progressing. Would give it 0 stars thats how bad this game is.

Developers need to change the game to make it more playable, including adding functions that control your character and better camera angles. You almost never see the goal when the motorcycle is off the ground. Apps are a bit intrusive as well.

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Improvements and bug fixes.

Name Slingshot Stunt Biker
Version 1.3.11
Price FREE
Rating 4.6 (4078 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 1, 2022
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