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Sleeper Fantasy Sports Coupon reviews

This is a review for the prop betting portion of Sleeper. Honestly, it's been great. Most prop betting apps are pretty trash. This one has an intuitive and smooth UI. There has been an occasional crash, but generally good. Besides the UI, I love all the data that is available. Click on any player and see all the data you can imagine. Avgs for the year or last 15 games, etc. Also, you can see how the community picks. Love it. Works great on S23U. +1 They frequently cancel out bets with injuries.

Agree with other reviews. Way too many UI bugs. The current one is bad screen caching. If i click on a notification it navigate me to the correct place, but then every time i open the app for the rest of the day it goes back to the page from the notification. I'm in 3 leagues. Every time i close my screen and open it back up i have to navigate back to the league and page i was in last time. Very annoying.

Had it as a 4 star, changed it to 1 star. This app used to be the slowest one. Now it's far and away the absolute slowest one. It's freezes and backs out. Sometimes freezing my entire phone. Been with these guys for years, but I think I'll be moving my dynasty league for fleaflicker. They're more simple, but at least it works! Do better sleeper! Cut the gimmicks and get back to the football.

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