Sledge Snow Mountain Slide – according to the plot, it is obvious that somewhere far away in the mountains there is a track that is still considered the most difficult in the whole world. None of the people have yet been able to cope with it in an extremely short time, but be that as it may, a huge number of skiers, snowboarders are trying to exceed their expectations and achieve success.

So, try to calm down, get on the sled and plunge into a real adventure, simultaneously avoiding contact with trees, and other obstacles, jump and rush along the snowy path. In principle, there are no more rules, as well as specific goals, score points and get into the lead.

Active Sledge – snow mountain slide VIP Codes

ihdbMoxxxxx Get

- Gold x8623K, Gems x541, Coins x59342

TmcBqixxxxx Get

- Diamonds x421, Money x12593, Resources x7254K

Sledge – snow mountain slide Codes

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
pgkaFoQZ6hrMay 19, 2023580
OX92it86KUSoJune 8, 2023721
oXislN02jEJuly 12, 2023526
kV7fe6shQv8June 19, 2023313
atAm7kDKrvVJune 26, 2023457

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Good game. It has a nice feel to it, it reminds me of something like hydro thunder with the jumping effects. It could use some difficulty settings for when I don't want to put my full focus on it, but it does a good job at riding the line between too challenging and too boring, even without settings.

Good Things to change: 1. add actual options like making the controls actual buttons (jump and left and right arrow button) 2. make it a little harder to get sleds and make them have special abilities and/or make them slightly different from echother (one is faster but it's harder to turn, one is easier to turn but the jump height is less, one makes the camera taller but it's super fast) 3.remove snow bumbs that make you automatically jump they're impossible to see)

If you've ever learnt skiing, got off course, didn't know how to brake yet and just tried to not die, that's what this game feels like. But amazing. While more maps would be great, since the one (though beautifully designed) map gets kind of boring and it's kind of slow to get started, it's still a really fun game! Edit: Just noticed, a pause menu would be great as well lul

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Slide on high speeds , dodge , jump through everything and have best scores ! 3 new skins added
DE, FR, PL, PT languages added
Facebook friend leaderboard added
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Watching ad gives 10 gifts !
Shop improved
Bugs fixed

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