Sky Fighters 3D – air battles 3D – the attack of foreign aircraft begins, now there are no restrictions for takeoff, so it’s time to prepare for a serious fight.

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ocTsJy0tC7V February 8, 2023 377
E8BLiqfjRodh December 22, 2022 333
4ONqVf86pP December 15, 2022 596
Xuex0dcrnHb January 13, 2023 572
flruNk3JKeF February 9, 2023 620

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Not many ads and fun to play and get lost in so should be 5 stars. However, half way through the game (chptr 5) enemies suddenly gain 3x strength (takes 3 times the rockets) forcing you to jump from level 4 plane to level 8 minimum. Also, in defend the base, the last building WILL NOT FALL unless you destroy a plane 1st. Ive literally hit the building with 38 rockets. Finally killed one jet and building health suddenly jumped to 50%. Then a 2 second bust of machine gun will destroy it no problem

Meh experience. I suspect the creator doesn't know much about fighter jets. There is no roll or rudder, and when you manuver it doesn't even show the rudders moving. The default controls are push up to move up and vice versa, which is wrong. The enemies are too agile to be realistic, and their wings would just rip off. Anyway, it isn't a great game, but good try.

No story line, bad grammar, and the graphics are pretty average at best. I could only stand playing 4 rounds. Once I read the text and it had basic grammatical errors (I'm not a grammar nazi) I could tell it was a rush job. Flying through circles after shooting down other planes and boats makes no sense. There's a lack of options as well. You cannot customize they control layout.

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Fixed some crash issues of the game. Thanks.

Name Sky Fighters 3D
Version 2.2
Price FREE
Rating 4.4 (457841 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 12, 2022
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