Skulls of the Shogun is a fast-paced turn-based strategy game set in the afterlife, where General Akamoto and his army of skeletal samurai battle to conquer the Spirit World. With its cartoonish art style and humorous dialogue, the game offers a unique and engaging experience. Players must strategically position their troops and utilize special abilities to outmaneuver their opponents in intense multiplayer battles. The game’s campaign mode features a quirky and entertaining story, filled with unexpected twists and turns. Skulls of the Shogun offers a refreshing take on the strategy genre, blending humor and tactical gameplay seamlessly.

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- "Win 100 gold, 50 souls, 20 rice, and a powerful weapon!"

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Skulls of the Shogun

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Skulls of the Shogun Review

I loved the game as a child and I love it now but why is there this dumbass paywall? I don't want to pay for something that supposedly "free". I'm changing my post from "if it wasn't free, I wouldn't play it at all"(cuz im cheap),to: I would actually pay for this if it was straight up pay directly from Google play, not a pay-in-game ad wall sorta thing with promotional this and that Bs. I already know this game and love it, so if they took down the pay wall, theyr'e golden. 5⭐ If u change it.

I'd have paid for this game since I have it on pc. But there is some sign up promotional mumbo jumbo I just could not be bothered with. Also Google segregation of reviews means I waisted data instead of being able to see this nonsense in the reviews. Great Google... Your really walking away from the glory days not that the app store is really any good anyway.

I will not pay money on a old game that I used to play a lot. You can't just scam people for buying the 2nd campaign and later increase the subscription just like that. This is a wrong idea to make a old game into a unenjoyable "stupid payment game".

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