SKIDOS Hospital Games for Kids is an engaging and educational app that simulates a hospital environment for children. With 30+ fun and interactive games, kids can play the role of a doctor, nurse, or patient while learning about different medical procedures and healthcare practices. From taking care of adorable virtual patients to performing surgeries, the game teaches valuable skills like problem-solving, empathy, and critical thinking. With colorful graphics and kid-friendly interface, SKIDOS Hospital Games for Kids is a delightful and immersive experience for young minds.

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- Gold, gems, money, diamonds, rubies, stethoscopes, bandages, syringes, pills, masks, gloves, scalpels, thermometers, X-ray machines, defibrillators, crutches, wheelchairs, medical textbooks, surgical gowns.

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- 10 gold, 5 gems, $100, 2 diamonds, 50 resources, 1 equipment, 3 items for SKIDOS Hospital Games for Kids.

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O7HJFTvK866November 11, 2023
zehQT7FnWw607October 5, 2023
4DekxwLUc459October 4, 2023
FGHnSgqvUO7551September 24, 2023
XTO79LA05t220November 3, 2023

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I hate this u pay money for something thats for babys and also yall copy games like ugh why couldn't yall come up with something else that yall could thank well no u had to copy something that more fun that yall

This game. is so boring its take time also. I could not believe in this game but atillist . I can give one start

I was so mad it was just games floating every where and i just think its a waste of time.

This game is so fake and you have to pay money for it and they could have just made the game with money and your coping a game called pepi hospital I hate this games so much and it's poor quality

Worst game. I can't play the game. Only pay .worst

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Become a doctor and play hospital games for girls, boys age 5,6,7,8,9 years old. BREAKING: New Major App Update!
Get ready to learn math and ABC Tracing with our SKIDOS Hospital Games for Kids perfect for ages 2-7 years old! SKIDOS offers fun gameplay and engaging math content that covers a wide range of topics. The highly animated, interactive, and responsive design engages young learners and prompts their 21st-century skills development. Update now and enjoy the new features of SKIDOS fun-learning apps!

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