Sift Heads Reborn is an action-packed shooting game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Step into the shoes of the infamous Vinnie and embark on a thrilling journey filled with assassinations, intense shootouts, and challenging missions. Customize your weapons, upgrade your skills, and take down the most dangerous criminals in the city. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Sift Heads Reborn offers an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other. Are you ready to become the ultimate assassin? Play now and prove your skills!

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Sift Heads Reborn Tier List

I LOVE this game! I started to play the Sift Heads trilogy ever since I was 9 and now it has been 10 years. I'm very glad that you brought the World franchise to mobile. However, I will only give you 4 stars because of 3 reasons. Firstly, I would like to see the original soundtrack back (this one is OK, but it's not suitable). Secondly, some interactive such as pressing a button to do something or you fail is gone (the jump from heli in chap 4). Thirdly, please remove enemies from gun shops.

Love the game, action packed, Adventurous, and nostalgic. What I do have a problem of are the controls. Moving the aim is difficult, and it frustrates me. Also but the number of ads. After transferring to a place in game, 30 second ad pops up. I understand the reason for these ads. Is to make some money. But can you guys tone the ads down a little. I would greatly appreciate if you do.

I would rate this game a 4 or even a 5 and I love sift heads and their devs, but there's two problems in this game. The lag and the screen optimizing. When you're lagging in the game you have to close out the app and re-open it so you don't get killed or fail a mission which is kind of annoying to do. And now the screen optimizing. I would recommend this game if you have a big phone or a tablet or iPad. You can't go to certain places and you will get stuck. And you can't do certain missions.

(New reveiw) Is there any way to remove the shield by chance? If not, you should add something to remove the shield. :) (Old review) Well done I'm amazed of how the game will become in the future. I do kinda miss the old school music and some songs are repeated in the cutscene which is cool. I'm sure you won't disappoint the fans that remember this Remastered Game and for the Newer Gens. Little bugs here and there but I'm sure you'll fix it in the future. Can't wait for the next update soon. :)

I was enjoying the game soooo much but i got to a certain point when during a sniper shot... My shoot button and some other controls were conflicted with my stylo6 screen as it has a thick black bar on the side of the phone and i was stopped in my tracks im restricted from comoleting or moving any further now just because of this issue. Is there ANYTHING I CAN DO to continue. Ive heard about others having the same issue. Ughhhh. But thats not the games fault. I absolutely love the game. Thanks!

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Team up with Vinnie, Kiro & Shorty against different cartels around the globe. Fixes done. Monthly rewards added.

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