Shop Market Street is your one-stop destination for all your shopping needs. With a vast range of stores and boutiques, you’re sure to find everything you’re looking for. From fashion and beauty to electronics and home décor, this bustling market has it all. Explore the trendy shops and discover the latest trends and styles. Treat yourself to a shopping spree or find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Start your shopping adventure at Shop Market Street and experience a world of convenience and quality.

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The latest update had minor bug fixes, but the next one needs major bug fixes. Logging in is like having a stroke. Text fields and biometric validations activate and deactivate endlessly, you can't easily change your preferred store, and when you actually can navigate between pages without going into an epileptic seizure, it's the slowest app in the history of mankind.

I love shopping at United Marketstreet and use the app frequently! Recent updates were very well thought out. I do occasionally have issues with digital deals not reflecting in my cart, so I have to add a note to be sure i am credited. My b8ggest issue now is that the app is very slow and gets hung up, especially noticeable on Wednesday when new ads begin. I'm not sure if it is overloaded with users, but it definitely is a problem that needs addressing.

The app is too slow! I can go down through the grocery items & add multiples, sometimes it'll pick up one or two items. It's also buggy. I'm not sure why this app needs to "consult" a physical website, but it will redirect you to a web page A LOT! I also can't add things to an already made order, I can't view what was out of stock or substituted in the app. Huge loss

The app is difficult and unappealing. There's a lot of lag loading selections, being able to scroll through, & quite a bit that doesn't have a photo available. If you don't enter something exactly into the search bar it doesn't pull up the selection you're looking for or only a very limited number of items. (Ex: oranges doesn't pull up oranges. It pulls up orange juices only) Uninstalling immediately.

This app is terrible. Won't load any pages at all except for rewards and coupons. Any other selection, from any specific department, to help or FAQ just goes to a blank screen. I've tried waiting for it to load and un-installing and re-installing the app. Can't even check to see if the store carries specific products. Search only comes back with "no items found". The only reason I haven't deleted it permanently is because I'm keeping track of virtual tickets

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SAVE money with the Market Street app. Track Rewards, view the weekly ad & more! V6.1.8
- Enhanced “Shopping Cart” experience, including timeslot & checkout UI
- Added multiple product images for the item screen
- Quick search has been added
- Fixed Android login Issues for version 617017 and other minor bug fixes

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