Protectors: Action PvP Shooter is an online multiplayer shooter in which you will participate in quick battles with players from all over the world or fight in joint raids with friends. Go to the world of the future, where technology has reached unprecedented development, and humanity has managed to cope with global problems thanks to the found source of powerful energy. Only a few endowed with a special gift can cope with it. Energy became the reason for the invasion of Earth by alien invaders, to combat which a project was created to protect human civilization from extermination. You have to become one of the defenders fighting with enemies.

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JRYvlbc6OGU January 8, 2023 493
u4AjsyCOIWtc January 4, 2023 701
EWAdFpPIhU December 8, 2022 293
SnUYIytGesg December 1, 2022 840
1GYnuXa6t4D December 18, 2022 463

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This game has tons of potential, but still has a lot of planned elements that are obviously yet to be added. The diverse characters and gameplay, especially the newest character additions, are really fun to play, but with so many new characters to gain XP and levels with, the coin cap causes it to be hard to level up your favorites quickly. (I still don't see any available purchasing options, so I'm sure this is all part of the plan)

Seems like it could be really fun from the short time I have been playing. There's a cap on how many keys you can earn which is kinda lame as they are used to open the chests needed to upgrade characters. Also no friends? Seems like this should be an auto include. Battle Royal would be fun with more than 10 (including yourself). I see the potential, but this game is pretty basic right now. See what future updates do the help it along.

Great game with a lot of potential. There are a variety of game modes to play with well designed heroes to choose from. It's basically third person Overwatch just not as fast faced being in third person. Still overall a great time killer with matches progressing at a brisk pace, plus seems like no pay to win elements. There are loot boxes to upgrade your heroes but you can achieve them for free. As long as the devs balance their monetization with cosmetics the game will do well.

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-- Minor bug fixes

Name Shooter Legends
Version 0.0.61
Price FREE
Rating 4.5 (7757 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 27, 2022
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