Shipping Life: Idle Empire is a captivating mobile game that puts you in control of your very own shipping empire. Manage and expand your fleet of ships as you navigate through various challenges and quests. Build new ports, upgrade your vessels, and unlock new destinations as you strive to become the ultimate shipping tycoon. With stunning graphics, a vast world to explore, and addictive gameplay, Shipping Life: Idle Empire is the perfect game for anyone who wants to experience the thrill of running a successful shipping business.

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- 100 gold, 5 gems, 2 rubies, 50 wood, 20 iron, 10 diamonds, 1 enchanted sword, 5000 coins, 5 healing potions, 1 legendary ship.

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- 2000 gold, 50 gems, $500, 5 diamonds, 100 wood, a steel sword, and 3 potions.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
LRvcSEuU114November 4, 2023
FSnxV4Ruzt200October 23, 2023
Z48tJAk7m403October 17, 2023
Nm8o5XcKPYz708October 17, 2023
qXWOVPyzt3451September 24, 2023

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Shipping Life: Idle Empire Tier List

Frustrating! ... Got to level 2. Pop up says build a loading area ... the blue diamond popped up ... but the highlighted area is not working. I've levelled everything else up, but I can't go any further because I cant build the loading area AND the blue diamond won't go away. The rest of the screen is in darkness. I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, but the same thing happened again ... Shall have to remove it. Shame.

Really disappointed. Was enjoying the game actually but then got to level 3 it asked to build a lounge, I've paid for it and it looked like it was going to but now have no timer, just the construction site and it's been this way ever since each time I log on. And I can't progress as it is one of the tasks! - After your response this is still not fixed.

Same as everyone else , fine until level 3 then can't don't have any money or any way of getting any to start the level. Dissappointing really. As of 28.10.2022 game is still not working properly. 31.10.2022 uninstalled and re installed the game and now it won't work , got to the stage where it says upgrade kitchen level two. Paid for the upgrade the timer started now it's not and the upgrade isn't ready to open either.

Annoying!!!! Got to expand food court about 4th time and area looked like construction but wouldn't finish. So restarted game over got to the same level and did exactly the same. Uninstalled as not starting again. JUST READ OTHER REVIEWS AND IM NOT ALONE. If you can't release a game without so many bugs riddled through it DONT RELEASE IT!!!!!

Paid 10 pound to skip ads as it wouldn't let me do anything just directed me to the shop everything I opened the game. For it to then crash and not let me earn any money on my city port. Everything was 0. I used all my skip ads trying to build things to generate money but they just generated 0. I'm absolutely livid. do not download or fall for this like I did. I want a refund!!!

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Gather your crew and start making money in this fun port business game. Wait! What is that on the horizon?! A Surprise Giftbox! Be sure to claim it when you see it!
A swirling Buoy is added! Hint: that's where the Golden Plane lands.
Minor Bug Fixes.

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