Introducing Shiba Eternity™ – Card Battle, the ultimate gaming experience for strategy enthusiasts! Immerse yourself in an epic world of mythical creatures, fierce battles, and strategic card gameplay. Build your deck, summon powerful creatures, and unleash devastating spells to conquer your opponents. Engage in intense one-on-one battles or team up with friends to dominate the battlefield. With stunning artwork, captivating storylines, and endless card combinations, Shiba Eternity™ – Card Battle will keep you entertained for hours on end. Let the battles begin as you strive for victory and eternal glory in this thrilling card game!

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Shiba Eternity™ – Card Battle

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CODEExpiration Date
6EJMGOF2April 2, 2024
HBX0639CA1March 25, 2024
XBTONYVH9March 30, 2024
ZIR7SLPEC6NFebruary 25, 2024
QJ8T0YKHVGMarch 7, 2024
UPYA1I3SFebruary 21, 2024
TM2Q0HZ5KVMarch 15, 2024
ENK57PMADFebruary 24, 2024

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Shiba Eternity™ – Card Battle Review

Love the game but needs some tweaking!!!! Take a look developers.... #1. When the opposite player plays a spell, their card does not pop out long enough for me to read what it does... So when the cast a spell, the card goes to the upper left of my screen and disappears before i can read it... You should have it stay out either till the turn ends or I click it away. #2. Ranked battles... It's really no fun when you are about to win and they forfeit as it does not give me a winning streak...

Very addictive. It works on my android with an occasional disconnect; nevertheless, it's a fun game. Does not work on either of my iPads at the moment. I would suggest increasing the size of the lettering, in the description, on the cards. Unless you have eagle vision, you need magnification, while playing on your phone. The constant strain to read causes eye fatigue. I know the bugs will get worked out, and it takes time. Great Game!

It's a greater version of Hearthstone. Love the different combos of shiboshis you get to build truly unique decks. Very fun and addicting. However there are alot of graphical errors and touch screen intuition problems. Also network issues. Multiple times on strong connection have I been about to knock out a shiboshi only for the game to freeze on my final turn. Don't kno if that's a player exploiting some how but it's very frustrating.... came for the shib burn, stayed for the great game.

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