“She Wants Me Dead” is a thrilling indie game that puts players in the shoes of Max, a teddy bear on the run from his vengeful owner. With its retro-inspired graphics and intense gameplay, the game challenges players to survive various deadly traps set by Max’s owner. From dodging flamethrowers to avoiding falling pianos, each level presents a new and dangerous obstacle. With its fast-paced action and unique concept, “She Wants Me Dead” is a must-play for fans of challenging platform games.

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Fun, very fun... i love the art style and the background, and the levels are challenging. However, there are only ten levels in the game. And a customizable character system. This is fine and all, but once you finish all ten levels, get all the gold frames, and unlock all the costumes, there is nothing else to do. What would be cool to have is more levels (like maybe, 60... or more... to keep things fresh) and maybe have more modes.

I FOUND HOW TO FIX THE BLACK SCREEN ISSUE. You have to go into app info and manually give it permission to access storage. Then it'll work. At least, that worked for me. As for the game, it's a good game. Not too p2w (mostly cosmetics), and rather difficult (in a fun way). Occasional bugs, but it's not too bad. I'd recommend trying it if you like platformer games.

I kept trying to play it but everytime I would load up the game the screen would be blank, no music, no title screen, nothing, I've restarted my phone, uninstalled this app and reinstalled it and same result, I have a newer phone and I don't know why the game isn't working. I had this app a few years ago and I wanted to re play it. I really hope you guys get this fixed! I'd love to play the game again.

This game does not look like it got much testing or care during development. First, the black screen on start. It is fixed by going into the Settings > Permissions and giving the game Storage permission. I used to do Android development. There are function calls that can be made to prompt the user for storage. This game didn't do that. Then, the GDPR notice and other T&C appear squashed in portrait mode after the game forced landscape. Why? Then it froze after I lost all lives. Unacceptable.

It just keeps crashing and re-opening over and over and over again about every 2-5 seconds. I cant even play it. I looked up online ways to fix this, didnt help. I went into my setting for permissions and stuff, disnt work. I just cant play this. I restarted the game over and over again. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app SEVERAL times. Nothing works. If the developers even read the reviews, what should I do???

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A survival platform game with music by CAZZETTE and a cat that really hates you. Bugfixes

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