Shark Evolution is an exciting idle game that takes players on a thrilling journey through the depths of the ocean. Starting as a small, ordinary shark, players must evolve and upgrade their shark to become the most powerful predator in the sea. By completing various challenges and missions, players can earn coins and gems to unlock new sharks and upgrade their abilities. With stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, Shark Evolution provides hours of entertainment for fans of the underwater world. Dive in and experience the evolution of sharks firsthand!

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Fun game but the implementation of ads is horrific. Sometimes you wanna use the purple peral to upgrade a higher level shark so you try to evolve a bunch of lower level sharks as fast as you can but an unskippable ads shows up. It's incredibly intrusive and infuriating.

The developers are extremely foolish for putting the ads in such an obstructive place, right before an intrinsic part of the game, the shop where you have to buy more sharks, and you have to do so before the ocean fills with crates, which you can't do because it takes so long to get rid of the ads so you can get into the shop. This also means that you can't actually watch and consider tapping the ad, which means they're ripping off the advertisers too.

It was fun to play but it took forever to get those Evolution Crates. Aside from that it was just a fun time to experience and enjoy. Also could you please speed up the time it takes to get Crates, like seriously, it takes forever! But I still had fun and I definitely recommend it. P.S: Could you make a Meerkat Evolution game, please and thank you. P.P.S: Also maybe a Goose Evolution game, please and thank you. Sincerely, Andy Hodgson. It IS the Easter holidays, so one more thing. DANCE PARTY!!!

Awesome game , addictive, fun, relaxing, totally takes boredom away, but my game has a problem, please help, i have suns, but i can't get more titans with my suns, maybe something is wrong, i already have two titans but i can't get more, i can send you a screenshot of what's happening if you want, .. I'll be sure to write again, and make more purchase, thanks

Y e s! Ok, so this is so amazing :D I love sharks and I always used to play the cat evolution of this, but now that I've found that there's a shark one? Perfect πŸ‘Œ Also, really like the jaws references, I love horror movies to so that's a double win πŸ‘€ All together, this is a great game, you download it πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘„πŸ‘οΈ

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Warning! Don't download this evolution game: contains hungry sharks of boredom Bug Fixes & Improvements

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