Seven – Deadly Revelation! is an atmospheric interactive thriller in which the development of events directly depends on your actions. A tense twisting story awaits you, which you can influence by solving puzzles and solving problems. According to the plot of the game, a mysterious stranger contacts you and informs you that you have seven days to save a loved one. To find someone who threatens the safety of people dear to you, use your logical abilities and unravel the chain of dramatic events. Hack into accounts, find answers to difficult puzzles, use chat to get information from different characters. The game received a great visual design, high-quality sound and realistic documents that make you feel like a real participant in all the events.

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I got sucked into the story and the choices you can make, while few, are interesting. My complaint is with the mini game, half the time the puzzles are unbeatable. And, I literally mean that, not that they are too hard. If a puzzle requires you to get at least 30 blue blocks, but 30 never even show up in your allotted turns, you're never going to win. Which then forces you to watch endless ads for more turns per puzzle. It's a shame, would have liked to finish this game.

So.... if you like Tetris, then you'll love this game. All the files you need to hack to learn more info requires you to play a lot of a Tetris like puzzle game. instead of falling from top of screen, you place them on the board to complete full lines. Other than that it's like a choose your path story game, with very few things to choose from to say. Intriguing at first, then starts to drag on... I just can't push myself to finish it. It's getting increasingly more repetitive, annoyingly.

Almost an exact copy of the game, "Innocent", ESPECIALLY with the stupid repetitive block puzzle (same exact one they had). I'll say the same thing as I did for them: I like these games, the story was mildly interesting although I didn't get far, because as soon as I got to that puzzle, I was done. Did it for the first 4 stars and that was it. Change the puzzles to something more creative (and make them random, not repetitive) then maybe I'll give it another shot. Uninstalling!

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Name Seven – Deadly Revelation – Ho
Version 1.6.22
Price FREE
Rating 4.3 (228569 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 1, 2022
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