Series Makers Tycoon Simulator is an exciting game that puts you in control of your own TV series production company. Manage everything from casting to filming, marketing, and distribution as you strive to create hit series and dominate the industry. Handle challenges like budget constraints, creative differences, and scheduling conflicts, while striving to keep both your audience and critics satisfied. Explore different genres, hire talented staff, and negotiate with networks to achieve success. With realistic simulation features and detailed production elements, Series Makers Tycoon Simulator provides an immersive and engaging experience for anyone who’s ever dreamt of running their own TV studio.

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- "Congratulations! You've won $50, 100 Gems, and a rare blueprint!"

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- 1. 100,000 coins 2. Platinum employee pack 3. 50,000 gems 4. Ultimate equipment bundle

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Series Makers Tycoon Simulator

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D1BNW2O4April 10, 2024
UKT4G65DZVApril 9, 2024
40ZV9FWQMMarch 30, 2024
KPGML18XE0OFebruary 23, 2024
UCZWJQDAY8February 22, 2024
J06DF9SCApril 13, 2024
B3HWGXKI68March 2, 2024
VENH5ZPQRMarch 16, 2024

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Series Makers Tycoon Simulator Review

Genuinely pretty fun at the start, but once you reach the 7 person office it is broken. There's no possible means of advancement, as the mechanic to train employees to Master level does not work. The facilities management tab is a joke- nothing made any real difference, and even when I followed the instruction and got the recommended facility upgrade nothing happened. I'm likely going to keep playing because I have nothing better to do and paid a dollar for this experience. Lots of potential.

for now 2 star this game,I love Series makers tycoon on Pc but this SMT Mobile it's more bug please fix and Update the game in more futures sorry for my Bad english i'm pinoy ,Please Fix Some Letter on this game it's more glitchs and bugs please thankyou i love this game tycoon.

Can you update the game ,Release more feutures in this game please I'm waiting I'm bored the gameplay for the past 6months can you update and more fuetures come please.

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