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How to redeem Sendwave—Send Money codes?

To redeem a coupon on Sendwave, enter the code at checkout before sending money. Enjoy discounts on transfer fees or bonus credits towards your next transaction.

Sendwave—Send Money Coupon reviews

I loved this app at first as it was my go to app for sending money to family but recently I have so many issues it's unreal! Have been waiting for a limit increase for months now, called customer service and each time I'm told it would be 24 hours and someone will contact me, nothing since then! Also I miss the little penguin flying across the screen when the transaction was in progress, I don't care for the update at all but it is what it is, I'll start looking for other options soon!

I had an issue with the sendwave app where it would not allow access beyond the login page. The app would not recognize the three digit security code on the back of my card. Multiple attempts to uninstall and re-install the app did not work either. The good news: I called customer service and they reset my card info which required a re-entry of my info. The app worked immediately after and all this took just a couple of minutes. Lesson learnt, if one solution doesn't work, explore alternatives! I feel like a dummy , I should have called customer service months ago. Thumbs up CS.

Mixed bag. At first, the service was pretty seamless, no issues whatsoever. However, my last 4 transactions have been a nightmare. All of a sudden, the transactions keep getting delayed. Sometimes, I have to contact customer service, and they'll tell me it's the receiving country's servers are down. Other times, they'll straight up cancel the transaction. I'm really considering looking for service elsewhere.

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