If you have a collection of books gathering dust on your shelves, why not turn them into cash? SellBackYourBook is a convenient platform that allows you to easily sell your books online. Simply enter the ISBN numbers of the books you want to sell, and get an instant quote. They accept a wide range of books, including textbooks, fiction, non-fiction, and even audiobooks. With free shipping and fast payment, SellBackYourBook is the perfect solution for getting rid of those unwanted books and making some extra money. Start selling your books today!

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There's apps that pay out way more than this one does. Offered me only .48 cents while other apps were offering up to 3$. The bar code scanner does NOT work on all books. Trying to create an account so you can cash out on PayPal is a nightmare. Constantly it gave me an "unknown error or unexpected error has occured". When I contacted customer service, I got asked to match my PayPal email with the registered one. It matched and still got an error only trying to MAKE an account! Waste of time!

quick, reliable I've sold books via the Sell Back Your Books app twice in the last month. Both experiences have been quick and easy. I was given a fair price on my books, shipping is free and I was able to schedule a pickup so it wasn't even necessary to drop them off somewhere. My PayPal account was credited for the full amount within 14 days of shipment each time. I highly recommend the app. EditDelete Share

I had to uninstall it. The business itself is fine, but the app has a long way to go. Worked well the first couple times, but became unresponsive and had to quit/restart. Threw an error about being unable to connect to the server, which made my phone go black and lock up. Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to remove items from cart in the app. I had to sign in on a browser to do that. It'll automatically add items you scan, but no removal option.

No doubt, in my opinion, The best way to go. Has always contacted me via my Gmail and messenger for shipping details. Have more then 6 full boxes in less then 2 months. Have been able to add on to orders and also subtract books from my orders that I forgot to pack. The movies they buy back program is on point to. The worst is,,,,they only buy "1" copy of that title. Don't matter, They are the " go to on buying back your Books, videos, ect.

This app is ridiculous! I scanned several of my books to see what they would pay out for them, and the largest amount that was offered was $9.48!! There is no way on earth that I'd sell one of my rare books for that amount whenever the book dealer offered me over $300 for that particular rare book! Thanks for the insult, but I'm good.

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