Scarlet Fantasia is a mesmerizing dance performance that captivates audiences with its enchanting storytelling and stunning visuals. The dancers effortlessly glide across the stage, gracefully executing intricate choreography that tells a tale of love, passion, and resilience. The vibrant costumes, coupled with the dynamic lighting and evocative music, create a unique sensory experience. Scarlet Fantasia transports the audience to a world of fantasy and wonder, leaving them mesmerized and yearning for more. Don’t miss your chance to witness the magic of Scarlet Fantasia.

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- Gold, Gems, Rubies, Money ($1000), Equipment, Resources (wood, iron, fabric), Diamonds, Items (potions, scrolls), Epic weapons, Rare artifacts.

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- 5000 gold, 50 gems, $100, 10 diamonds, 200 resources, powerful equipment, rare items, 20 potions, 5 keys, 100 energy.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
dYyzNF2O403November 10, 2023
yfdauAEQm9183September 22, 2023
hrCoOURKe961November 11, 2023
JQ7laDOuwHj737October 16, 2023
40NLveRAhx464October 9, 2023

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Scarlet Fantasia Tier List

It's got potential. The one thing that throws me off the most is the lack of *any* sounds coming from the characters. No grunting even. It's really odd. The text is too small and italicized to read. Otherwise I like the hero designs and graphics. Just wish it was more polished.

Okay, please fix this game! It won't even let me open it! How am I supposed to give it a good rating, if it won't even open??! Please, consider fixing it! I'd love to play the game. I'd definitely give it 5 stars, once fixed. Thanks in advance~ 🙏🏼✨And yes, I did clear storage, and I have plenty left. My connection is at the top, and my network is good. What am I to do?? Please, help!

I may have had a bad download. I re-download the game and works. It is different in many ways, but it seems heavy on the pay side of playing. 2 types of diamonds, and you need 1 to get VIP, but you don't need VIP to gain the other. I know games that do this, but their pay gems aren't used to buy in game gems.

Game is good no problem for me so far. I give 2 star because there is no way too see the full illustrations of the character art only 3d of them is available to view with full body. when I click their story I can only see the illustrations head

Edit from 3 to 1. The EVOLVE is broken! The game won't let you manually evolve your toons only auto and for some reason it doesn't have a lock over mythic and epics so the game auto evolved my epics using my mythics for food. INSTANT UNINSTALL! Crazy how phone games push all these offers and top ups on to us for over used cookie cutter games but can't even have a decent running core. Middle finger to the Devs!

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3D place cards to start a two-dimensional fantasy journey -New version content
-New activities
-Level play value adjustment
-Hero value adjustment
-Gems, Equipment Value Adjustment

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