Scanner Radio is a valuable tool for staying informed about local public safety events. With access to live feeds from police, fire, and EMS dispatches, users can monitor ongoing incidents and receive real-time updates on emergency situations. This app provides a unique glimpse into the work of first responders, offering an opportunity to learn more about their operations and the challenges they face. By utilizing Scanner Radio, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of public safety efforts in their communities while staying prepared and informed. It serves as a useful resource for both casual listeners and those with a professional interest in law enforcement activities.

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Scanner Radio – Police Scanner

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Scanner Radio – Police Scanner Reviews

With each update, the issues with this app keep getting worse. Which is a shame cause otherwise it would be a great app. But it's disconnecting constantly. It'll say it's streaming, but won't actually be playing anything (compared to another phone with the same scanner that is working). The app randomly closes. None of the provided suggestions have worked at all and it just needs fixed.

EDIT: Thank you so much to the developer for helping out with MY user-malfunction! Pro version is restored. *Original review* I had to redownload the app on my phone and I'm being asked to pay for a subscription. I already paid for this app! It was not a subscription model. I had absolutely no issues with ads or anything before the redownload and there is no restore purchase option. What is this about?

I used to use Broadcastify and decided yesterday to try this app. Last night, it happened to alert me of fires in NSW Australia that are right where my friend lives, so I was able to check in with her. The sound quality is incredible - so clear that I can hear every word from a broadcast across the world and not just white noise on broadcasts that are only 10 miles away - amazing!

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