“Sand – An Adventure Story” takes readers on a thrilling journey across the vast deserts of the world, where characters face both physical and emotional challenges. From traversing treacherous sand dunes to encountering nomadic tribes, each page is filled with heart-pounding action and unexpected twists. The juxtaposition of the harsh environment and the resilience of the human spirit creates a gripping narrative that captures the essence of adventure. With vivid descriptions of the barren landscapes and the determination of the protagonists, this story will transport readers to a world of danger, courage, and discovery.

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Sand – An Adventure Story

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Sand – An Adventure Story Review

Doesn't save your place. Requires you to reset the game every time you open the app. If you don't reset the game, you are stuck on a black screen with 4 icons on the bottom that do not do anything. This is true even after I purchased the full game. Refund requested

The game itself is good, but after playing for a few minutes, it asks you to pay to play the full version. If I knew it from the beginning I wouldn't play and I think it's a cheap trick (it should be said from the beginning.) Also when changing scenes or zooming on an object, it doesn't instantly navigate which is not the best user experience.

Very enjoyable albeit short free Demo. You walk through 3-4 rooms each with 1-2 things to click plus a puzzle. Then you have to buy it. It's only around 2 dollars or Euros though, seems well worth it! Good hints options, and options to have simpler puzzles.

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