Salata Salad Kitchen is a popular restaurant chain that specializes in fresh and customizable salads. With their wide range of ingredients and dressings, customers can create their own unique salad creations or choose from the menu options designed by professional chefs. Salata takes pride in sourcing high-quality, locally grown produce to ensure the freshest flavors in every bite. From the crisp greens to the flavorful toppings, every salad at Salata is made with love and attention to detail. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or meat lover, Salata has something for everyone to enjoy.

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- 10% off any salad, free drink with purchase, buy one get one half off, $5 off any wrap.

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Salata Salad Kitchen Premium/Pro Account Free

Fresh and fast food. The app is easy to use and the food is great. They have where you can save a favorites order for future orders which is great and very handy. When making improvements to the app, ut would be great if a saved order item could be edited instead of just used or deleted..... sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

Good idea for joining in on the food industry to make an app, but its confusing getting to the protein section. Choosing protein 1-4....huh? No idea what that means. Once you are ready to check out, you better make sure you didn't make any mistakes because you can't edit your salad once in cart. You have to start over. So after doing it over 4 times because the (pricing was glitchy) I checked out. For example, $8 salad was coming out to $ Lol

I love Salatas, but this app is horrible. App is confusing and frustrating and user unfriendly. Tried to cancel an order for pickup to change it to delivery and when I canceled the order online, it froze and I had to call the store directly. Canceled it over the phone, and then had to reorder on the app again. Almost made the same mistake b/c it isn't easy to order for delivery! Terrible experience.

App kinda sucks. The formatting for ordering online with their mobile website is way better than this app. The list of toppings are not organized like the webpage and there are no pictures. Also, there's a bug I'm experiencing at the very end, after you enter your order and all payment information. Every time I try to use this app (multiple occasions) it declines my payment. Then I go to the the webpage (using the same card) and order successfully from there. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ It just needs work.

Terrible and frustrating app. Constantly bugs you for additional permissions. Refuses to remember favorites despite saving them. No explanation for most choices. This was going to be my first experience with the business and well first impressions are everything, they will not be receiving my business.

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Salata Salad Kitchen Wiki

The Salad Salad Kitchen app allows users to order ahead, earn rewards and more. We've added new features we think you'll like including:
- Recent Orders, which allows you to review and reorder your most recent past orders
- Missed Visit Code, which allows you to scan a QR code on your receipt to earn points from missed purchases
- Additional bug fixes and changes to improve app stability

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