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The RightTrack driving evaluation piece of the app is ridiculous. Regardless of how you drive it identifies ALL times that you pull away from a stop sign as Rapid Acceleration and dings your driving score. There are a lot of speed bumps in the areas I drive and each time you go over one it records them as Hard Braking events. There is no way to get an acceptable evaluation as a result. If offered the option for the Right Track discount don't bother as you won't get anything.

This app is completely rigged to justify making insurance expensive. For example, when I log my driving, it will say in blue. My Role: I am the driver and / or Im the passenger, then when you click on confirm this trip, it would do the opposite. If I click "I'm the Passenger it's made . I'm the driver or vise versa,which messes up my score. I get dinged for other people's driving... this at 1st was ok for the 1st few ,ot a big deal, but becoming more common. Even times I confirm manually.

This app is pretty terrible. It's primary use is the Right Track program that needs all the intrusive data it can gather on you to offer a meager discount. Considering it can't tell when I'm sitting still at my desk, trying to record my vehicle trip while I'm literally stationary, clearly all that data gathering isn't actually helpful. Add on that you can't actually DO anything in the app, it will just open a page in your browser, I'm not sure this app actually does anything useful.

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