Russian Car Drift – Drift on Russian cars: the race is not as sweet as preparing for it! Awesome tuning: choose paints, glue stickers (add your own if there are few offered), change rims, attach spoilers and trunks, have fun to the fullest!

About the suspension: all settings are possible (stiffness, height, angle, etc. – really, everything!). It’s clear that it’s not free, but once you win, the money will flow like water, and it will be possible not only to walk with a brush, but also to change the engine, and even completely change the car (a car dealership is somewhere nearby). Therefore, as soon as you satisfy your desire for beauty, you can actually start racing. Drift!

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
y59R8iYfMNH March 5, 2023 424
5iZalHV1Gnwq February 27, 2023 870
mPZSR8DlHW March 6, 2023 179
hGaf01kF87X March 12, 2023 200
DJYr8h4oztH March 11, 2023 927

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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This is a good game. It has good graphics, good cars, but some things you guys need too add is more cars, more custimization for the cars.Also, less ads becuase you guys can't make this game ads to win because this game is already pretty good. Adding more english settings, or more languages. This would clearly be one of the best games ever. Also do you guys have an option to change the FWD , drift mode and all that? If not, please add this. Good luck on making this the best game ever to play...

Honestly great game and all it's just, why does a drifting game need to access my files and media. I don't think you want to see me chat to my friends, it's all dumb stuff.

Its good game for play with friends but it have some bad things like: 1. All things costs lot, 2. It is short maps and 3. It is boring

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Spirit of Russian drift racing - Fixed bugs with the car that was added in the last update
- Added salons for 3 cars: AURO 3, AURO 6 and a truck that you could get in the New Year event
- Changed the suspension tuning window: added a digital display of parameters, export and import buttons appeared so that you can easily save the settings for yourself or send to friends
- Fix minor bugs

Name Russian Car Drift
Version 1.9.27
Price FREE
Rating 4.4 (114601 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 30, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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