Run Legends: Co-op Fitness RPG is an innovative game that merges exercise and adventure. Step into a mythical world and join forces with friends to complete quests, defeat monsters and level up your characters. But here’s the twist: in order to progress in the game, you have to complete real-life workouts. Run, jog, or do jumping jacks to gain experience points and unlock new abilities. With its immersive gameplay and social features, Run Legends makes fitness fun and rewarding. Are you ready to become a legend in both the virtual and real world?

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A unique and fulfilling project, constantly receiving updates and always improving. Happy to be a part of the journey. A good way to get yourself running to your max potential when you don't have the motivations otherwise. The gameplay can accessible for a slower pace, but also often promotes intense interval training if you choose a faster pace. Depending on the gear or enemy you choose, your exercise will be a little different.

The app finally works for me thanks again your client support team is the best responsive and everything 10/10

Really Bad Exp 👎. This app take more than 5 minutes to open even the home page take this much amt of time

Am having a trouble opening this app it is so slow it take several minutes i have 6gb ram is it not enough ??

Run Legends is awesome! We need more games that help people get active while being fun. The game is easy to start and explains how to play, so you'll be running within moments even if you're not used to it. 😅 Download but bring a water bottle!

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Finally, fitness can be fun! Move at your own speed to take down your enemies. --What's New
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