Rope Around! is a thrilling adventure game that will test your strategic skills and quick thinking. Join the brave protagonist as they navigate treacherous terrains, solve mind-boggling puzzles, and save their kidnapped loved ones. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, you’ll feel like you’re in the heart of the action. Use your trusty rope to swing across gaps, climb towering structures, and defeat dangerous enemies. But be careful, time is running out! Can you unravel the mysteries and rescue your family in Rope Around!?

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- 10 wood, 5 iron ingots, 100 gold coins, 3 gems, 1,000 diamonds, 2 rubies, and a powerful enchanted sword.

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- 10 gold, 5 gems, $25, 3 diamonds, 50 wood, iron sword, health potion, lockpick, armor upgrade, magic scroll.

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pMZbU9aX114October 31, 2023
d2SNTBOvR1523September 29, 2023
U1CpxPLWi742October 9, 2023
qNKdi7yUgFQ277November 19, 2023
jb7vk3uMPX840October 18, 2023

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Rope Around! Tier List

Where do I even begin? There's too many ads, the controls are garbage (like come on, he should just follow my finger but he instead goes ahead which makes turns more sensitive and the level harder to complete), and it's super slow as well (I just wanted to play the game, but I can barely do so). It has a good idea with it but it is executed very poorly. It does not deserve more than one star. Uninstalling 10 minutes after installing.

the levels are way too easy. i mean there was probably one actually somewhat challenging level. But the rest were all mind-numbingly easy. And the sole purpose of this game is to get you to watch as a so they can earn more money. It is barely entertaining to play any more than just a couple levels before they start repeating ourselves and becoming more and more boring

This is the laziest programming job I've ever seen in a game. At about level forty I noticed that it seemed like a loop. It's a loop. About 20 minutes in and you've done every level about 3 times. Then there are the ads. A LOT of ads. No biggie because I turned on airplane mode and they went away. Also why the 6 second delay before I can go to the next level with a button that leads to an ad above it with no delay. Fix it.

this game has literally no challenge. I got to level 20 in a few minutes, and I kept waiting for the gameplay to change or for them to introduce new obstacles or rules but it never happened. the longest it took to finish a level was around 15 seconds, and I spent most of that time screwing around trying to see if there was anything I could do. boring, and you spend more time watching ads (which it prompts you to watch after every level, and then makes you watch any way) than you do playing.

This game is extremely easy and repetitive and loses it's charm in the first couple of minutes. However, after just 10 minutes of use, my phone screen was extremely hot, which is not normal. I would suggest finding some way to make the game require less resources (I have a Galaxy S5). Until the levels become more creative and or harder, and the optimization tweaked, I have to rate this a 1 star.

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Wrap a rope - New skins and levels
- Bug fixes

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