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Last update February 19, 2024

Rooter is an essential tool for homeowners and plumbers alike. This handy device helps clear clogs and blockages in pipes and drains, keeping plumbing systems running smoothly. Whether it’s a stubborn hair clog in the bathroom sink or a buildup of grease in the kitchen drain, a reliable rooter can tackle the job efficiently. With different types available, including handheld and motorized versions, there’s a rooter for every need. Investing in a quality rooter can save time and money on professional plumbing services, making it a must-have for anyone dealing with frequent drain issues.

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Rooter Reviews

Very worst experience. When I first installed it, all went good. But after 2 days the requirement for task is increasing day by day. For example,,first there was a scratch card for every 3 days login streak, but now it has increased to 5 days. For first 2 days, task was to watch 8 reels and watch 4 minutes videos. But now it has increased to 16 reels and 13 mins videos.

Loading times are sluggish, and navigating through menus feels like wading through molasses. Streaming games often suffer from lag and buffering issues, making for a frustrating user experience. Could greatly improve by optimizing its servers for faster streaming speeds and implementing a more user-friendly interface. It's evident that the majority of Rooter's downloads stem from sponsored content rather than genuine user interest. The app relies heavily on paid promotions and advertisements.

Worst experience in till now !!!! No user friendly interface at all . There are no forward and backward option available while stream is live !!! Not able to increase quality of stream after stream get ended !!! Worst app .

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