Rome: Total War – BI, or Barbarian Invasion, is an expansion pack for the critically acclaimed strategy game Rome: Total War. Set in the decline of the Roman Empire, players can take control of either the Romans or various Barbarian factions. It introduces new units, like Huns and Vandals, and includes a new campaign map. Featuring enhanced gameplay mechanics and an immersive experience, this expansion pack offers players a chance to rewrite history during this tumultuous period. Dive into the chaos and conquer as either the crumbling empire or the encroaching Barbarians.

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Just like the original Rome, very well done on this port. it did end up reminding me why i never really played BI, it can be fairly boring, or very, very difficult. all depending on the faction you choose and not much middle ground. not a lot of fighting goes on in the campaign, mostly because west and east rome own most of the map and there isnt many factions. still I do enjoy playing the game and doing mock custom battles, just to see what happens lol.

Should be hard to port full-blown PC game. Very well done. I definitely recommend to play it, just need to get used to. Save often. Also note it is not casual, it takes time. PS some issues: No save during battle. If game restarts and loads it "replays" it, often with catastrophic outcome. So if you start a battle you should make it to the end. Some gestures cover what you do. Most notable the 2-finger drag to rotate a unit. Don't see a way to stop unit in campaign once it started moving.

Great for a mobile phone game. The control are'nt the best, but you can't do better on the mobile phone. I had a big problem, for example, with the melee attack of missile units, I could'nt quite figure it out, it's not the smoothest control but it's acceptable. I had to ask for help and I have to say, the support team has a shor time response and is extremly helpful!

Amazing port of the PC classic. It's just like the PC original, complete with thousands of units on screen at once. The only issue I have with the game is the touch controls can take a while to get used to. Beside that, this is perfect. I gave this expansion a go first before the main game because I wanted to see what it was like on a phone. Since I'm impressed, I'm definitely now going to move onto the main Rome Total War! Now. Please get on and port Medieval 2 Total War as well!

Missing troops. Playing as Huns. There are times that a couple of hun troops is missing. And after a few turns, they return to the lineup. This cause to impossible siege defence due to few troops left. Same with ambush scenario, hit n run tactics etc.. The has a lot of potential. Please fix this bug. Will update the rating as I play the game more. - Thank you for the info and the quick support.

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Fight for Rome or destroy it in antiquity's greatest conflict. • Fixes a number of minor issues

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