Rodha Ball is an exhilarating action platformer that will keep you hooked for hours. Take control of a brave adventurer named Rodha as he embarks on a quest to save his village from the evil dark forces that threaten to destroy it. With its stunning visuals, captivating storyline, and challenging gameplay, Rodha Ball is a must-play for fans of the genre. Jump, dodge, and overcome various obstacles as you navigate through treacherous levels filled with enemies. Are you ready to join Rodha on his epic adventure? Play now and find out!

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So far, it seems like . to remove the ads, I lost any progress. Although I have paid to remove the ads, a dialog box still pops up where the prompt to removed ads used to be. Now, the dialog box reads "error you have already purchased this item." This totally interrupts game play. Fixing these glitches would yield a higher rating. New glitches... Although the app has been paid for I am now experiencing ads again. Also, progress is randomly reset. I look forward to your update.

The game is good but there are a few problems. When you initiate a run you shouldn't jump because it can ruin your run. Another problem is with the checkpoints. In the third level it is very easy to jump over one of the checkpoints and miss it because of only being able to jump and the way the obstacles are placed. This happens in multiple levels.

it's an awesome game with a little bit high difficulty curve. I loved the colors but it's totally random that often disturbs you from the game. A few more suggestions: -change the currency symbol as the rupees sign looks a bit off for games like this. maybe try making your own currency symbol -after the player dies, you can add an optional revive option at the cost of some game point or watching an ad -when we change direction, double jump doesn't works, maybe change that. I hope this helps :)

I very much enjoyed this game finishing all it has to offer despite the large amount of ads shown as I got further and further. Its like Flappy Bird as a platformer! I loved the clean and simple visuals as well. The introduction tutorial and shop even provided a great experience for me! Really inspirational.

Enjoying the game a good bit, but can't progress past level 34 at the moment. The exit gate at the end doesn't work no matter how many times I try to jump back through it over and over, and I've searched everywhere for another but can't find one.

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Get your heart pumping in Rodha - the intense action-platformer! -- Changed and updated every level in the game.
-- Changed the Shop and Themes making them easier to navigate through.
-- Optimized performance.
-- Fixed Bugs.

Newly Updated Code: