Robbery Madness: Thief is a fun adventure arcade game in which you will act as a rookie robber. Your path to the heights of the underworld is just beginning, so mistakes and blunders are inevitable. Go to the first business in the mall and prove to the boss that you are a capable thief. Be extremely careful – the store is guarded by security robots and an additional security system is installed in it. Watch out for guards who can give clues about valuables and secret rooms. Beware of surveillance cameras placed everywhere. Perform a daring robbery and leave the scene of the crime unnoticed!

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Codes Expiration Date Total
A3hUgVikuze January 1, 2023 517
SAWxlEv1uGqg December 7, 2022 704
VnO5UXDabR December 23, 2022 241
ZkrGX7S15Ob January 26, 2023 426
Yk39CuM2SxR January 19, 2023 507

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It's such a suspense game but I absolutely love it. I love how I just complete mysteries and find secret rooms, Love it. Recommend to play it when you're procrastinating to do something.

The best stealth game I've ever played. Thrilling, difficult, and in full 3D. Lots of whimsical details and a sense of humor. Very simple, but difficult.

I was very surprised from the game! I thought it would be another "You played the game for 0.0000001 seconds time for an ad!, Oh and optimization isn't our thing either..." But NO! This is a very smooth game with amazing mechanics and I'm honestly surprised that it's so underrated! It has different difficulties, that made the game even more interesting! Overall, I would totally be playing it for some time! Thank you for making this game!

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Name Robbery Madness: Thief Games
Version 1.0.6
Price FREE
Rating 4.5 (5235 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 27, 2022
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