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Roav Charger Coupon reviews

It's a very pushy app. All I ever want to do is change the frequency it's broadcasting as I travel around for work, but it constantly insists that I turn on GPS permissions and it stays on constantly in the background. I have to go into the App Info and do a "force stop" before it'll stop running in the background. I don't want all that, I just want my fm transmitter to work without barging into anything else.

Great app but drains phone battery. Works as advertised, but could be better. Google voice doesn't work while my phone is locked while paired which defeats the purpose of using the app and the Roav charger. The app should add more permission settings. Also there needs to be an exit feature in the app to stop the service from running in the background. The only option is to pause the app or force stop it.

Works great. After you sync it once, it reconnects as soon as you get into your car. Phone voice quality is awesome. USB charger works as fast as the wall charger. Haven't tried the memory card reader yet, with IHeart Radio, Pandora and Spotify I never run out of content. The ROAV in my 2004 Saturn works just like my 2019 Equinox. Very pleased with my purchase.

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