Road Glider is an exhilarating flying game that takes you on a high-speed adventure through challenging roads. Strap yourself in and soar through breathtaking landscapes, dodging obstacles and collecting power-ups along the way. With stunning graphics and precise controls, you’ll feel the rush as you navigate sharp turns and narrow paths. Compete with friends or test your skills in solo mode as you aim for the highest score. Get ready to experience the thrill of flying like never before in Road Glider!

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Road Glider – Flying Game Tier List

It's alright, a good concept but if you want to keep people playing you'll have to make more levels. This is a me complaint but i would rather choose how to traverse the level instead of you have to do to go through the level, like the parkor section. Make the maps longer. They are way to short and control the ads. I feel like the focus is the ads than the game itself. If you can, make the ai better and the positioning of the ai make no sense.

Interesting game. I like the combination of flying and racing. I just started, but so far so good. UPDATE: The new update to the game has one issue for me. The game is still fun to play, but it's called Road Glider not Roof Runner. If I wanted a running game, I would have downloaded that instead. Lose that or lose a player.

Although the gameplay is fun and has three types of levels, the game keeps on breaking when I'm trying to watch an add to get something. I was trying to get a cool glider, but for one of the tasks to get the glider i had to unlock a jet pack. And the only way to unlock jet packs is by watching ads. Please fix this.

At first the game was super fun and good but after a while of playing I got tired of all these stupid ads. I also was trying to finish all my daily missions and I watched the add to skip one and next thing you know it reset showing a different car. Honestly I'm starting to hate this game more and more so that's why I'm giving this rating.

Entertaining, I guess. All fun immediately lost when every race is followed by an ad with that blasted sound clip of the motion way over doing his excitement. After the 5th time in a row hearing him, had to delete game.

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Use your Glider and parkour to win the crazy race! Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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