In the realm of Rising: War for Dominion, a fierce battle for control over the lands is underway. Noble warriors and cunning strategists clash in epic battles, striving to secure their dominion. Players must rally their forces, build formidable armies, and deploy powerful heroes to lead them to victory. With a vast array of units and skills to master, each player’s strategy will determine their fate. Engage in thrilling PvP combat, forge alliances, and conquer territories to leave your mark in this immersive world of war and power.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, 3 rubies, 1 diamond, 2 pieces of equipment, 5000 resources, and 10000 money.

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- 500 gold, 100 gems, $50, 20 diamonds, 2000 resources, epic equipment, 5 rare items.

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DcETbNsP445October 31, 2023
AiEsrBaDFV798October 15, 2023
qnU4F9C7S616October 25, 2023
CQtAX1j8kL5250November 11, 2023
pTtPA1NE4H472October 9, 2023

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Only reason why I gave it 4 stars is because I feel like you should have 3 builders on deck and the a 4th one would be optional. Also building time still takes too long for you to move on and paying for the time doesn't help. Two hours tops should be for buildings after level 7. The longer you wait the less ppl want to play. Other than that good game for time killing.

It's enjoyable so far. However I do have a couple of issues. I want to forge things. It says I have to battle certain levels to get the blueprint. I have done many battles and still no blue prints. Update 2/17 Unless you spend money and all your time playing the game you can't get very far. Everytime I try to save goof to level.up buildings and advance my town I'm constantly getting attacked by other players and everything is gone. Most likely will be deleting it.

It's an OK game. I've been playing about a month. It has its downsides. For 1, you HAVE to spend money to keep up, otherwise you're constantly kicked around by more powerful players who spend a lot of money. There is no safe space or solace unless you want to stay shielded.... which costs money. Also, after a certain level everything takes so long gameplay slows way down, waiting 3 days for a building so you can move forward. I can already feel it will get old soon.

This game is fun and easy to learn. The community of people who you fight with against other blocs is most enjoyable part of the game. Leveling up is relatively quick until very high levels. Then you either need patience or money. This game can be enjoyed without spending money, but once you get to very high levels you will want to spend money if you want best heroes/equipment. My only complaint is that certain upgrade systems force you to spend more money than necessary. Worth playing anyway.

Just started playing today but it looks great! It's not nearly as much like the pc version of Age of Empires as I'd like but they've turned it into a decent mmorpg. I seem to be having an issue upgrading my food production fast enough to keep up with everything else, though. Maybe more ways to get food that doesn't require a team participation? Great job overall though from what I've seen thus far! :)

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Build your exclusive kingdom and conquer the world in the game. 1.New event - Lingering Autumn
2.New Beast Gear upgrade system & Hero Adventure optimized
3.New Hero Adventure Monthly Card
1)Extra Adventure chance
2)Increase the quality of the tasks
4.Forging Stone optimized
5.Talent Stone page optimized
6.Server-Cross Turmoil Prairie optimized
7.Beauty Capture system optimized
8.Bugs fixed & other optimization

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