World War Rising is an immersive strategy game that takes players into the heart of battle. With the world on the brink of war, players must build and lead their own army, forge alliances, and strategically plan their next move. From recruiting and training troops to developing advanced weaponry, every decision counts in this high-stakes game of global conflict. Assemble alliances, coordinate attacks, and dominate enemy territories to claim victory. Are you ready to rise to the top and rewrite history? Join the battle in World War Rising today!

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- 5000 gold, 100 gems, 250 resources, 5 diamonds, 1 ruby, 2 equipment, 50,000 money, and 10 items for World War Rising.

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- Gold, gems, money, diamonds, resources, equipment, items: 1000, 500, 10000, 200, 5000, tanks, grenades, rockets, oil, medical kits.

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a8dP7ARN262September 30, 2023
6SAGpfa3bW201October 14, 2023
IbYaXkcoE486October 3, 2023
YFEykAV2JW7551October 11, 2023
psMyYiVxcX932November 10, 2023

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When it comes to war games, this one sucks. The controls for going through things like your items is terrible and aggravating. When going through your items, if you open something, you get sent back to the top. Peace shields and teleports, instead of being separate, uses the same fuel, and is next to impossible to get without spending real money, where most games have them separate and easy to get FOR FREE. It's no wonder they have to pay people to play.

Definitely a Pay-to-win game. Half the stuff is locked behind paywalls. If you decide to buy something, the first pack is $5. Which seams reasonable. But then it gets exponentially more expensive! 2nd pack is $20, 3rd $50, 4th $100! It's is also really boring and requires almost constant attention. It takes hours to do any actions. Requiring you to log in several times a day if you don't want to miss out on resources, bonuses, or get attacked.

The game is great BUT unless you have the money to purchase a package once or twice a week it's nearly impossible to get anywhere. Package price goes up with every purchase to top out at $99.99 USD. They add events that cannot be completed without package purchases. And in the few days it's gotten so glitchy that it's almost impossible to play. Cust serv says they will pass on concerns when you can get an answer but NOTHING changes except the need to spend even more money on it.

If you make any purchase, the game punishes you by making future purchases much more expensive. $5 for the first, then $20 for the second, then $50 and so on. If you don't make any purchase, the game is slow and boring. Also, it's very easy to raid lower lvl players. It takes you days to gather resources and then lose it all when some player raids your base and then teleports away to safety. The game encourages it. It takes minutes to raid as much as it takes a day to gather. It's a discouraging system.

Been playing for about a year. I used to love it. It is very expensive to keep up. Players now, I suspect are cheating with exploit programs and ads for bootleg packs pop up in chat constantly. Customer service is generally unresponsive. I have reached out multiple times now. If it weren't for the money already invested (100's of $) I would have quit already. Sad, for what it has become.

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Wage war and create chaos across the centuries in World War Rising! Supported Android Versions: 5.1 and higher
Bug fixes.
Stability Improvements.
New content and events.

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