Looking to send money to family or friends? Ria Money Transfer has you covered. With a vast network of trusted partners and locations worldwide, Ria makes it easy to send money quickly and securely. Whether you’re sending funds for emergency assistance, a special occasion, or everyday expenses, Ria offers competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees. Their user-friendly online platform and mobile app provide convenience and accessibility, allowing you to send money with just a few clicks. Trust Ria Money Transfer to deliver your funds reliably and promptly to your loved ones wherever they may be.

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Ria Money Transfer: Send Money

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Ria Money Transfer: Send Money Reviews

I have been using this service for a few years, and they have been efficient, helpful, and fast. I continue to use their services, and their efficiency continues to impress me. Thank you! RIA. As of Wed, September 20,2023. When you check the value of one country exchange, it shows a value that after you sign in to continue the transfer, the value changes, and then before you confirm your transfer, the exchange value changes again and is usually lower. I haven't seen this before. Can you check?

I would statistically say that the app is 99% reliable and significantly easy to operate. However, in a few cases. One would have to sign into the app twice. In the middle of a transaction, the app would close down. There was a time when the app closed abruptly without indicating that the transaction was successfull so I went ahead to repeat the same transaction only to realize that the first transaction was successful. I was a little embarrassed when I checked my account

I am/was a new user. Very disappointed. The interface/overall vibe is friendly, and the fees are not too bad. However, the options for destination city within Maryland didn't include Baltimore, so I couldn't enter the correct city. Not surprisingly, they rejected the tranfer. Their email communication was OK, though it's not clear from the app or email whether my account is permanently locked for online transfers. Anyway, at the least, it appears the app needs to improve its U.S. city database.

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